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-I couldn’t leave my best girl.Not when she owes me a dance.

What makes this part such a punch to the gut is the fact that the beginning of the scene itself isn’t actually sad at all. Sure, there’s a wistfulness on Steve’s side and he’s quite frank about feeling lost in this new world, but Peggy is honest with him in return, like she has always been and she also makes it clear that she has no regrets with how she had lived her life. This is how their relationship has always been defined, and Steve is simply happy for her, so proud of her. She is his anchor, his compass pointing north, and it doesn’t matter whether she’s 25 or 95.

Then in a split second, she forgets everything, forgets the present him. The him that was just smiling with her just moments ago. In her own fight against such a cruel disease, Peggy only remembers him in terms of her grief of losing him 70 years ago. And that’s why Steve crumbles so visibly here, even as he tries so hard to hold himself together and be brave for her. It’s what Peggy herself would’ve done if their situations have been reversed, and Steve knows it.

And arguably, it’s what Peggy did when she spoke to Steve on the radio. It was heartrending and terrifying, but Peggy stayed on with him until it cut out. What’s more, she gave him what he needed then— a light distraction from his demise, a promise, a voice that he loved in his ear.

When Peggy said that he wouldn’t be alone, she didn’t just mean bodies with him on Hydra raids, or even a voice on the radio— she meant that he would be supported. Steve is honoring their accord. He will put on his brave face, despite how brokenhearted he is to see the change in her demeanor, and he will tell Peggy the truth: that he couldn’t leave his best girl.

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7) How many people are following you?59, I’m not popular or something xD ----> Guess I'll make that 60 now :D

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OMG <3 thank u so much!! I read and like a lot your readthroughs (and actually u inspired me to make one myself but in spanish, but i don’t have all the mangas yet D: so I haven’t started yet xD) !! but since I’ve been horrible busy with studies lately I don’t remember the last one I read xDD 

thank u again for the follow! \o/ <3

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I got tagged by angel-with-a-pipette ! <3

1) How did you end up on tumblr?
It’s all dussii ‘s fault!! I was refusing to get one, but she insisted xD
Now I’m addicted when I’m not in finals xD but I have no regrets at all, all the fandoms and the amazing Royai <3~~
2) Your favorite movie?
Hard question, because I like to many movies, but Forrest Gump it’s one of my favs since ever.
My last favorite one is Dear John

3) What’s your nationality?
I’m Venezuelan !

4) Do you have a favorite band or singer?
Linkin Park forever

5) What was the first anime you’ve ever watched?
Probably Candy Candy o.o xD

6) Is the glass half empty or half full?
half full(?)

7) How many people are following you?
59, I’m not popular or something xD

8) What do you do for a living?
I’m stuDYING dentistry so I don’t have time for living xD hahaha ok no ._.  …I’m not working right now, but time to time I go to my dad’s dental office and do some general cleaning (cavities, tartar) *<— mostly friends of mine xD* or at the university making dental photography for other students’ cases.

9) Have you read the Harry Potter saga?

10) How did you get into the FMA-fandom? If you don’t watch FMA, choose your favorite anime.
Long story short: I bought the first FMA anime dvds (was very popular back then) at my 2nd anime convention so long ago xD… I watched the whole series in like 3 days and became my favorite since then. I was hooked!! <3
Some years after I started reading the manga online and waiting every month for each chapter was a torture, but totally worth it! :’)

11) Team Edward or Team Mustang? :D
Team MUSTANG all the way!! xD (but I also like Ed)
PD: i’m not making questions or tagging anyone cuz i’m lazy xD
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I’ve been studying for finals so much that I haven’t even checked my tumblr D:

Doing it right away cuz I’m having a little free time xD

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FMA:B - Hawkeye’s Ishval

"It was a living hell. The air was choked with the stench of rotting corpses and gunpowder, and the sand was soaked with blood."

Every expression on Riza’s face is a testimony to the horrors of war and the burdens she carries. It’s not just the guilt of squeezing the trigger and killing someone; she’s also in a way responsible for flame alchemy. She pushes on regardless because she feels she is responsible for both her choices and the actions these led her to. With shouldering her rifle, she also accepted the responsibility of a sniper in the service of the military. She doesn’t run or hide from it, but faces the consequences dead on and never hesitates on the path she’s chosen. Riza Hawkeye is one of the strongest characters in a show full of strong characters, but it’s easy to overlook that fact because she considers herself a means to an end and supports the others rather than moving into the spotlight herself.

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The casts of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and Agent Carter at San Diego Comic Con, 2014

Peggy forever alone :(